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Training our staff

We believe that all of our staff around the world are responsible for upholding our global and local corporate reputation, and through our training programmes we equip them with the knowledge and skill to do so effectively

Our training programmes stem from core materials that are developed using international experts, and are then tailored to the local markets in which we operate. This means that we maintain the same high standard of training all around the world, and our staff are given relevant and specific information that they can apply in their markets.

A total of 42,321 current employees have taken part in our training programmes over the past 3 years. This represents 67% of our global talent.

The type of in-depth training that our staff receive depends on their role in the company, but all staff have to attend training programmes on alcohol responsibility. This programme is called Alcohol, Behaviour and Communication (AB&C) and tells participants:

  • how alcohol affects people;
  • what the challenges and risks are to SABMiller as a global beer company;
  • how SABMiller deals with these risks and manages the business to be a responsible brewer; and
  • what participants can expect from SABMiller as a responsible company.

Participants have been enthusiastic about its content and the impact that it has had on their approach to work, and their understanding of alcohol on a personal level.

I found [the programme] extremely interesting and it opened my mind to how the business thinks about itself. I have a much deeper understanding of the issues facing a global beer provider.
Attendee at AB&C Training | October 2013
I feel better prepared to answer questions from internal employees, as well as when socialising. 
Attendee at AB&C Training | January 2014

In addition to the initial programme, all sales, marketing, corporate affairs and legal staff members have to attend an in-depth, full-day training programme which focuses on how SABMiller manages alcohol responsibility and how they should apply this approach in commercial communication. This programme is called Alcohol Intelligence Quotient (AiQ) and is also extended to external marketing and PR agency staff who are responsible for SABMiller accounts.

[I am] much clearer on the requirements / policies for external communications with stakeholders. Overall [the course was] excellent – one of the best SABMiller courses so far – many thanks!. 
Attendee at AiQ Training | March 2014

Responsible brewing and marketing

We brew and market our beers in a responsible way

Moderate and responsible drinking

The way we engage with society is outlined within our Sustainable Development Shared Imperatives

Talking alcohol

We believe people should make informed decisions about drinking alcohol based on accurate, balanced information.