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Responsible brewing and innovation

As a responsible business, we work to brew beers that are local and naturally low in alcohol content, and market them responsibly to legal-age drinkers

We know that being a sustainable and responsible brewer means we have to hold social responsibility at the core of our business.

Our publicly available, comprehensive policies help our employees and partners to meet our demanding standards for producing and marketing our products to encourage responsible consumption.

Our two main policies in this area are:

The Product Portfolio Policy

It is crucial for our corporate reputation that we brew and market beers that meet our customers' expectations of high quality and responsible choice.

The Product Portfolio Policy sets out the minimum standards that all SABMiller beers should meet, including requirements such as:

  • ensuring the safety of all of our beverages;
  • marketing restrictions for certain categories, including non-alcohol beverages that have the same branding as alcohol beverages; and
  • no added refined stimulants, such as caffeine in our beers

Included in the policy, SABMiller has outlined steps for our technology teams and brewers when making decisions about new products or about existing products that are in our portfolio through acquisition.

The Policy on Commercial Communication

As well as managing the right portfolio of beers, SABMiller sets high standards on how our beers should be marketed and promoted to consumers. This may be directly though our own marketing teams, through agencies, or indirectly through retailers such as bars, restaurants and supermarkets.

All SABMiller group companies are expected to uphold high ethical standards of marketing, and to engage with retail customers on how they are marketing and selling our beers.

The Policy on Commercial Communication has comprehensive requirements such as:

  • not directing marketing to those under the legal drinking age;
  • not having models under the age of 25 in any commercial communication;
  • maintaining equivalent standards for our digital communications as those for our traditional media communications;
  • enforcing our standards though self-regulatory systems either internally or through external mechanisms; and
  • creating an accessible complaints mechanism.

The Policy on Commercial Communication also has an accompanying set of guidelines that help our marketing and commercial teams, along with those involved in the regulation of communication, to apply the code. These guidelines go hand in hand with a comprehensive staff training programme that also extends to our external communication agencies.

We use best practice tools to verify the age of internet and social media users

  • _external _contributor_quote_dr_victoria_nash
    It is very encouraging that responsible brands such as SABMiller are taking a lead in industry debates on this issue.
    Dr Victoria Nash |Oxford Internet Institute

We have been working towards more responsible marketing for many years

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    We are delighted to count SABMiller among the initiators of the Responsible Marketing Pact… to set common standards preventing alcohol marketing to minors.
    Stephan Loerke |Managing Director, World Federation of Advertisers

Responsible marketing

We strongly believe that SABMiller should be a force for good, both globally and in the communities in which we operate

Moderate and responsible drinking

The way we engage with society is outlined within our Sustainable Development Shared Imperatives

Talking alcohol

We believe people should make informed decisions about drinking alcohol based on accurate, balanced information.